Sunny Side サニーサイド 町田
Sunny Side サニーサイド 町田

Access: One minute on foot from Odakyu "Machida" station · 5 minutes on foot from JR "Machida" station

Course details

Performance schedule of this month's piano performance

By using a coupon600 yen

Charge etc. ※ See below contents

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Reservation deadline
Until 18 o'clock on the day of visit to the store
Available days for reservation
Monday - Saturday, Sunday and public holidays - Holidays

Immerse in a Moody night while listening to live music by professional pianist ... ♪ JAZZ · POPS system is the center ♪ ※ There is a case where you can not respond to requests by songs.Please note.(Request free)

Course menu

Piano performance appearance schedule (Relaxing time while listening to favorite songs!) <Piano Time>

1st.PM8:45~ 2st.PM10:00~ 3st.PM11:15~

※ For private parties, we will open on Sunday.


◆ 400 yen per hour (TC)

◆ hors d'oeuvre Charm \ 900

◆ Piano charge (1st) + \ 400

☆ MC \ 600

◆ Ladies Discount 10%

◆ SC 10% · TAX 8%

◆ More than 4 people, snack basket service


Kyokuto Kyoko 2nd (Friday) Masahiro Ota 5th (Monday) HIROMI 6th (Tue) Aoyagi Yoko 7th (Wednesday) Hisamatsu Sumi 8th (Thursday) Sakky

Monday 9th Friday Masahiro Ota 10th Saturday Ridia 12th (Monday) HIROMI 13th (Tue) Aoyagi Yoko 14th (Wednesday) Sonomi Hisatsu

Kondo Kyoko 17th (Saturday) Kondo Kondo 19th (Monday) HIROMI 20th (Tue) Aoyagi Yoko

21st (Wed) Hisamatsu Sumi 22th (Thur) Kondo Kondo 23th (Fri) Kondo Kondo 24th (Sat) Ridia 26th (Monday) Ridia

27th (Tuesday) AOYAGI NIGHT ★ (P) Aoyagi Yoko + (B) Watabe Takumi 28th (Wed) Hisamatsu Sumi 29th (Thur) Kyoko Kenta

Friday the 30th (Fri) Masahiro Ota


1st (Sat) "Required: reservation" 3500 yen Seiichi Nakamura Jazz Live 3rd (Monday) HIROMI 4th ​​(Tue) Aoyagi Yoko 5th (Wednesday) Sonomi Hisamatsu

6th (Thur) Kyoto Kyoko 7th (Fri) Ota Masahiro 8th (Sat) Ridia 10th (Monday) HIROMI 11th (Tue) Aoyagi Yoko 12th (Wednesday) Kondo Kondo

13th (Thursday) Sakky 14th (Friday) Ota Masahiro 15th (Sat) Ridia 16th (Sun) "Required: reservation" 15000 yen Sunnyside Christmas party

Monday 17th (Monday) HIROMI 18th (Tue) Aoyagi Yoko 19th (Wed) Hisamatsu Sumi 20th (Thursday) Kyoto Kamata 21st (Fri) Ota Masahiro 22nd (Saturday) Ridia

23 (Sun) CD · DVD LD Day 24 (Mon) Ridia 25 (Tue) AOYAGI NIGHT ★ (P) Aoyagi Yoko + (B) Watabe Takumi

26th (Wed) Kondo Kondo 27th (Thu) Sakky 28th (Friday) Masahiro Ota 29th (Sat) Ridia


1st (Tue) Ridia 2nd (Wed) Hisamatsu Sumi 3rd (Thu) Kyoto Kyoko 4th (Friday) HIROMI 5th (Sat) Ridia

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